Sergeant David John GARSIDE G.M.


Dave was my Platoon Sgt. in 2nd Bn Wessex Regt. before returning to 10 Para. He was killed in a grenade accident on Sennybridge (in 1979) for which he was subsequently awarded the George Medal.
A brave man and a good friend, I would like to see him remembered.
Gordon Lock

Roll of Honour: 
Sergeant David John GARSIDE

[ George Medal ]

St. James's Palace, London S.W.I
Tuesday 25th March 1980

The QUEEN has been graciously pleased to approve the posthumous award of the George Medal to: 23913522 Sergeant David John GARSIDE, 10th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Parachute Regiment. On 11th July 1979, during recruit cadre training at Sennybridge, Sergeant Garside, a Territorial Army Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the 10th (Volunteer) Battalion The Parachute Regiment, was supervising live grenade throwing. During the live grenade throwing an incident took place when a recruit, in the act of preparing to throw a live grenade, allowed the striker level to spring off prematurely, and at the same time appeared to freeze with the grenade in his hand.

At this point Sergeant Garside acting with total disregard for his own safety and with great resource, took preventive action to move the recruit to safety whilst at the same time endeavouring to get him to either throw the grenade or drop it, It was in the course of this action, whilst Sergeant Garside was pushing the recruit to safety, that the grenade dropped to the ground and exploded underneath Sergeant Garside. As a result of the explosion Sergeant Garside sustained fatal injuries and the recruit received superficial injuries. It is clear that Sergeant Garside acted with great coolness and presence of mind, and with complete disregard for his own safety, and in so doing gave his life saving the life of a recruit. His act was one of great bravery, sacrifice and coolness.