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Fan Dance Week end 22nd - 24th May .....It's on the bank holiday week end.
This is the yearly get together for a little stroll up the hill and drink loads of beer


Location: Brecon Beacons
24 km mountainous route
Original and authentic course as used by the SAS
WILL YOU BE THERE? .... http://www.thefandancerace.com/


Airborne Forces day 2015
Sunday 26th July 2015

Pompey Para's + 10 Para

From Ted Dalton M.B.E.


January 8, 2015 ... website link

Airborne Forces South and Pompey Paras and 10 Para reunion

I attended the Pompey Para’s meeting at Airborne Forces Day South to take part in a parade and meet old pals afterwards for a few beers.
I spoke to John Newman B.E.M. Secretary of Portsmouth and District Branch of the PRA to discuss how we can boost the turnout as Southsea Council has withdrawn their funding.
We came up with the idea of 10 Para having their annual reunion. I also discussed this matter with Col John Power President of Croydon Branch and Norman Mckay who are in full agreement.
Major Ken Newton now has identified a more suitable location at H.M.S. Excellent the Royal Navy Gunnery School at Whale Island. This will be held on Sunday 26th July 2015.  We have been offered shipboard drink prices and the use of their mess facilities. More details will follow as Ken ties up all the loose ends.’  
At the well attended parade at the 10 Para memorial on the Arnhem weekend it was agreed that 10 Para has been looking for a new location to meet and greet and it was agreed that this one is ideal
If we can make this work it will be a very good opportunity to meet annually for a 10 PARA reunion to run alongside Airborne Forces South and Pompey Paras. Most of us are based in the South and Southsea as many of you know is very pleasant in the summer.
It is up to us to spread the word if we want to achieve this, We Para lads can make this idea work. Please forward this letter to all your airborne contacts, and ask them to spread the word to their contacts
I had met many Ex Paras at the 2014 Remembrance Parade last November while delivering copies of this letter to push this idea further. It is up to us all to make this work
Many of our number at the time thought it was a great idea and indicated they would be delighted to attend.

Safe Landings

Ted Dalton M.B.E

Contact John Newman Secretary Pompey Paras on Facebook