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Let me introduce myself; I am (ex) 24110784 L/Cpl Stone, Richard, late Anti-Tank Platoon 1 Coy 10 Para, based at White City. I joined in October 1966 when I was 17 (and just old enough) and attended course TA 5/67, No 1 PTS in April 1967, gaining my wings 5 days before my 18th birthday. I started in the Machine Gun Platoon, with Vickers .303's, attending my first annual camp in Brecon in September 1967, where we did what I believe was the first sim. drop from a C130. The MG Plt changed from Vickers to GPMG at the camp, but I shortly afterwards moved to the Anti-Tank Plt, where I later met characters mentioned by Geoff Butler - Shaun Hackett, Steve Basmadjian, C/Sgt Osbourne, as well as Nick Thompson, Nick Marshall, Steve Crabtree and many others. I stayed with the Platoon until June 1971, having jumped on Ginkelheide DZ on the 25th Anniversary of Op Market Garden in 1969, but left to join the Regulars the day after my last training weekend. Deciding on getting a career, I joined the Royal Signals and stayed with them until March 1977, when I transferred to the Int Corps, leaving the military in December 1983, having served in Northern Ireland, Germany, Belize and UK. I would love to hear from Shaun, Steve B. (Baz) or either of the two Nicks - Please enjoy the photos below.
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Nick Thompson, myself (centre) and Steve Basmadjian with gear prior to jump, RAF Northolt approximately 1969 - jump cancelled and we were bussed to RAF Brize Norton where we later jumped onto Fox Covert DZ, Salisbury Plain.

My passing out squad at 2 Coy Croydon, date March or April 1967. I was taking the photos. Note the Battle Dress - No 2's hadn't yet reached the TA/T&AVR.

Live firing the 106mm in Holland, September 1969 - we had jumped onto Ginkelheide DZ earlier in the week as part of the 25th Anniversary of Op. Market Garden.

My parachute course TA 5/67 in April 1967. Exiting an Argosy over Weston on the Green .... Note Sgt Tex Banwell far left.

Very nervous 17 year old among seasoned Regulars!

Exiting the Argosy.


Below two photo's sent in by Tug Wilson ... e-mail him ?
I just dug out two photo's I had of 3 Company where I was SPSI from 79 to 81. I just thought you might wish to put them on your site as they might bring back some memories for some of your members. The B&W picture was taken at Arnhem 79 I think, TA CSM "Jim Tighe" is the man on the extreme right of the picture one time CSM of 3 Coy. The coloured one was taken at camp in Thetford 81.

Message from Phil Elmer

Says he can see Bernie (no knees) O’Keefe and Leon Carson.
You have to guess where they are in the photo


I am in the colour picture (Keith Acheson), bottom left next to Geof woods.

In between Geof Moore and Piggles could be Joe Irwin. He froze to death on "Pen y Fan" a few years ago. His name is on the new memorial.

Ken Prockter, Phil Craig, Mick Patey, Alex Cook in Munich for the "Patenschaft" with 5th German Mountain Division.

Frankie PYE (PSI Extraordinaire)

Brian Chafer

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Airborne Forces Day --- July 1992 

Thanks to Michael Gallagher

This picture shows some of the Company Officers being entertained by Hauptman Werner UTZ at his villa in Austria.

L-R 2nd Lt David Wiseman, Werner Utz, Capt Norman McKay,
Captain Bryan Burnikell and Major Larry Orpen-Smellie, the OC


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Think of a word --- beginning with B

Photo on the Right

11 Nov 2005 at Lisore, Calvados
Les Shaw, ex-navy, who played a lament at the memorial with Ron Matthews ex 5 Coy. They have just laid some poppies.

Afterwards there was the usual vin-d'honneur followed by a fantastic meal.

Old soldiers from HSF ?

Col. Chateau-Jobert

Taken at Pegasus bridge this year! The Colonel was, I believe , involved in a plot against de Gaulle!

The French UNP- Union Nationale de Parachutists - Calvados Branch. Their HQ is situated in Caen. Colonel Chateau Jobert one of the most decorated French Paras code named - Conan, very well respected among the French Paras. He was in charge of the French contingent at Suez and did a brilliant job. He also served in the French SAS and still wears that badge (same as ours) Very old now but still sharp as a razor

Jan Clout

Jan Clout

These two were taken when Jan (Clout) was in 
Bahrain - he was duty drummer with 1 Para and on exercise in Abu Dhabi - now United Arab Emirates

Photos taken some time ago in Germany... 
Sadly Kenny is no longer with us...

The two men standing behind those with weapons are
learning how to "check weapons"
"5 Coy Para Joke"

More photos on the way.


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Here is a photo of the reunion of the Old D Company 1 Para who served 1955 / 1957. The photo was taken on 23rd May 2006 at Brize Norton.
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[ Germany ]

[ Hands-in-pockets Simons ]

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