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Walter Mitty

No, you are not famous ... just a knob and we will find you.

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Sadly ... we know of a man who believes that he served with the "Parachute Regiment" 

This man is *NOT* a Para ... and never will be

Over the last few years the guy on the left has been claiming to be a Colour Sergeant in 2 Para.
He has also been wearing the General Service Medal for Northern Ireland. The Long Service and Good Conduct Medal a UN medal and one other GSM. Recent checks have been made on him by Police through the Army Records Office. I have been informed by Police he is not allowed to wear these medals. Police state if he is seen wearing Para Regiment uniform again they are to be informed.

He lives in: Gypsy Way, High Halstow, Rochester, Kent

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[ David Reeve ... the knob in the middle ]

Name:- David Reeve

Home address:- Sheffield Road, Godley, Hyde, SK14

Facebook:- http://www.facebook.com/thedoc1461

This is him (me thinks not)

  • P Company February 1998

  • II Para Service - April 1998 to June 2000

  • Number: 25071033

  • Rank: Sergeant

  • Name: David Reeve

  • Unit: Parachute Regiment

  • Course: 9 Jump Course at RAF Brize Norton - March 1998

  • Rank: Private

  • HALO Jump: No1 Training Centre RAF Brize Norton (date if needed was Feb 99)

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[ Dave Taylor... ]

You will get found out in the end...

Finally an admission from Dave Taylor...

Sir, this shall be the last time anyone on facebook hears for me ... But I need to get this off my conscience... I was NOT in the Parachute Regt at any time during my army career. I deeply regret making such statements.
I have brought shame on myself and my family. Anything that I had with the Para emblem on has now been destroyed and I can assure you it was never worn in public ... ie ... Beret, tie and blazer badge.

I apologise to members of the Regtiment and can only say I am extremely sorry.
I am sorry for wasting your time and that of Mr. Pen*****on I shall be making a donation to the Para charity as way of an apology to the Regiment.
I would like to ask that the harassment of my family now stops please.
I shall never again make such statements; in fact I shall never mention my army service. Once more my sincere apologies

Dave Taylor

[ Dave Taylor... ]

Note his family was never harassed ... loads more could be put on here ... for now this is enough ...

Charity Para Walt of 2012 - Mr Gairent Evans - AKA Stephen Derek Evans.

Despite many opportunities and invites for him to come forward and apologise, he has not done so. Initially people felt a large degree of sympathy as anyone and I did, and would do; for someone with a dodgy spine and disability. However as things unfolded and it was revealed that a charity was involved to its detriment, any sympathy was lost, and there still remains outstanding queries over charity related issues.

Nobody has come forward with any counter claims as to his service history, or should we say the lack of it, to date. All communications to and from this person have been saved, and the exposure of Evans has not been taken lightly. It has been done only after extensive enquires, which have not been contradicted to date. There several witness’s to his actions, and what was said, the details of which are protected.

This man has made many claims and exhibited excessive Walt traits and deplorable tendencies. These are as follows:
1. He said he was ex 2 Para.
2. Stated he witnessed the execution of three soldiers by the IRA, and which he alleges caused PTSD - having walked from a train station in Litchfield town, and saw them shot.
3. He has openly worn campaign medals he never earned, and worn the maroon beret of the Parachute Regiment (also various regalia) whilst being actively associated in charity collections in public.
4. He has adorned his walls with Parachute Regiment memorabilia including plaques, DZ Flashes, SAS wings and badges of rank etc.
5. He has had 2 Para tattoos on his arm.
6. He has a tattoo displaying the word “Iraq”, with a date beside it - when asked stated he was there in 1994.
7. He married wearing a Parachute Regiment tie. And a blazer, with Parachute Regiment badge on the breast pocket.
8. Wears Veterans Badge and Parachute Regiment lapel badges with his Parachute Regiment attire in public.
9. He has convinced his wife that he was in the 2nd battalion the Parachute Regiment.
10. He has attended a public parade in Hereford dressed in Parachute Regiment regalia.
11. He has an SAS regimental plaque in his house on show, which he states “he cannot talk about”.
12. He has apparently served with the WSFR (Worcester and Sherwood Foresters Regiment), but it was found he had not have even completed basic training before being discharged.
13. He has withdrawn and is withdrawing from contact with Parachute Regiment connected friends and groups.
14. He has now admitted not having served with the Parachute Regiment, but denies this publicly. 
15. There are no traces of him in specific Parachute Regiment records or databases.
16. He claims he was tagged into Parachute Regiment related photos by others, when he was not.
Please note: He has since covertly returned the charities gifts and the collections boxes entrusted to him

Two more Walter Mitty exposed
On the left "Peter Campling" and on the right "Alan Birnie" both have been putting it about on Facebook ... This is Alan Birnie profile (on the Right)

And here is his Email address ...  alanbirnies8@live.com


And this is Peter Campling

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[ Two Knobs ]

Low is around 50 years old and lives in the York and Grimsby areas. He is employed locally. He claims to have been born in Mussleboro, Scotland but speaks with a Devon/Norfolk farmers accent. It was when he married approximately a year ago that he changed his name from Button to Andy Harris – Low ... read more

Ray or what-ever your name is

Fake Falkland's war hero: sentence appeal dismissed
story by Raymond Brown
(thanks to Cambridge News)

A fantasist who was ailed for three years after he lied about a decorated military career has lost an appeal against his sentence. John Livesey, known as Jack, formerly of Sawston, was exposed as a liar after a News investigation led to his conviction for perverting the course of justice.

He had told colleagues at the Duxford Imperial War Museum, and his closest family, that he was a Falkland’s War hero who served with distinction in the Parachute Regiment. He even claimed to have advised production crews working on the films Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers ... read more


[ John Livesey, known as Jack ]

Alan Barrett. Service number 24784609, 1986/7 failed 10 Para recruit cadre in the 4/5th week.

Joined Queens Regt serving in NI. Joined London Ambulance Service. Only medals entitled to wear GSM for NI and Jubilee medal from LAS. He is or was an Army Cadet Officer/ Instructor with Para Cadets - that's where the cap badge comes from. He has a lot of mixed militaria, but he doesn't match them up properly when out on display! Ilford PRA rumbled him and reported him to the Met. He was interviewed by them. He may have joined or tried to 144PFA. 99% certain that he has never passed Selection or P Coy/Parachute Course, using his number this can be confirmed. Hope this is enough to keep you going if you need any more, please contact Ilford PRA. They might have a bit more for you. 

First of all credit must be given to the following for their work in making this guy known; namely Nathan Williams and Ilford PRA. We are merely adding exposure for these guys work and to circulate the Walt in wider circles and on the net as a whole. A person today (ex para) advised me that someone with exactly the same details as this Walt has attempted to purchase 4 Para sweatshirts from his business in the last couple of days. Suggesting that the Walt is still Walting and obviously has not got the message - literally so we extend this later int on behalf of those involved in the initial enquiry ... he has been interviewed by the police and warned.


Imposter Stuart Elliot

Fury as businessman who duped Falklands hero Simon Weston into believing he was a decorated Royal Navy Captain is not charged with any offence Managing director's ruse as a decorated war veteran was exposed when he was spotted wearing a medal upside down. The imposter fooled servicemen - including Falklands hero Simon Weston - into thinking he had commanded ships It is thought he lived his lie for more than 20 years - but he escaped prosecution with a police caution
By Kerry Mcqueeney ... A Daily Mail article

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[ Imposter Stuart Elliot ]

Walter Mitty pub chef pretends to be hero soldier and grabs a snap with Alex Salmond

CHEF Alan Clayton is no SAS soldier - he borrowed a mate's chestful of medals for a Remembrance Ceremony event.

Read more ... Thanks to Daily Record

[ Alex Salmond with a knob ]

Dave Daraved

He sed he woz in 2 Para 9yrs & cum out 4 a bit, got bored, went back in 4 Para which is the Territorial brigade (part timers) realised he missed it an went back in 2 Para, coz he had served more than 3yrs in 2 Para he went in to 1 Para (SFSG) special forces support group which assist in Black Ops & woz still wit them wen he had his accident.

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Keith Miles

Said he served with the British Army 6 July 1994 to 21 March 2004, with the rank of CSM

He says 10 years with RMP (also served with SAS)
N.I bosnia, kosovo, iraq, afghanistan.

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Keith the Walt

Ashley Ide

Walter Mitty ... Medway Kent

This guy goes around claiming to have been a member of 1st Battalion or 10th Battalion the Parachute Regiment until he was sussed out recently he was the treasurer of the Airborne Forces charity known as the FOC.

In 2008 at the Remembrance Parade held in Chatham Kent on Remembrance Sunday he was the Parade Marshal of the British Legion parade. Full checks have been made by the Regiment and we can confirm this man is a total imposter. He was last known to be living in the Walderslade / Lordswood area of Chatham Kent. At this parade he was wearing a Parachute Regiment red beret and blazer with a cap badge.


He upset a local para re enactment group stating they had no right to wear red berets.


Con man from Grantham invented a dying child to trick people out of money
Martin Heaver.

By Neil Graham from the Grantham Journal
Published on Friday 1 March 2013

A “despicable” con man was jailed yesterday (Thursday), with a judge praising the Grantham Journal for its help in bringing him to justice.

Martin Heaver, 46, of London Road, Grantham, invented a terminally ill five-year-old girl whose “dying wish” was to meet Mickey Mouse so he could trick people into donating money, which he then pocketed himself.

To give his story authenticity, Heaver claimed he was an ex-paratrooper and even bought a red paratrooper

T-shirt and beret off eBay.

However, his story was branded a “web of lies” at Lincoln Crown Court.

Martin Heaver

Matthew Lowe, prosecuting, said: “There was no five-year-old girl who was terminally ill, no parachute jumps and the money ended up in his own pocket.” Judge Sean Morris described Heaver’s acts as “despicable”. He added: “You conned people into believing you were raising money for a little girl to send her to Florida to see Mickey Mouse, presumably, before she passed away. I can’t think of anything as low as that.” The judge went on to praise Journal photographer Toby Roberts and Grantham Amateur Boxing Club’s Dean Fardell for helping to expose the con man. Toby and Dean became suspicious of Heaver and e-mailed him in an effort to “catch him out” - and they were successful.

Judge Morris said: “I think without their efforts this matter may not have been exposed.”

The judge added: “I would like to commend Mr Dean Fardell and Mr Toby Roberts for their work in bringing this man to justice and the court is very grateful to them.” In sentencing Heaver to six months in prison, Judge Morris decried guidelines which limited the length of sentence he could impose. He said: “The sentence will seem very low as I’m obliged to follow the guidelines.” Judge Morris said the crime was made worse by the “impact on the wider community”. He added: “Frauds such as these will make people sceptical about giving and in these hard times people need charities.” Heaver claimed to be raising money for a five-year-old girl from Waltham on the Wolds in the Vale of Belvoir. An estimated 100 people pledged money to the fictitious cause, with Heaver pocketing around £1,000.

Judge Morris said: “What you did in this case was despicable. The fraud involved you posing as a member of one of our most illustrious regiments.

The court heard Heaver, who was described in court by his defence as a “Walter Mitty” character, had previously received a 14-week suspended prison sentence in 2004 for stealing £12,000 from his then employer, G4S.

Richard Timmins ... mad dog !

Says hes Ex 2 para and SAS b sqn... age 43
Sgt McGoodin was his sgt.
Done 25 yrs service left in 2010

Once put to the acid test he had memory lapses and the normal Walt back peddle commences followed by the normal suspension of account and run away once he knew the game was up. Well done to the airborne brotherhood for exposing such a sad twat.

Oh and a wife beater too ...

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Richard Timmins ... mad dog !

Spare ...