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Dave Darave

Natural Born Killer

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Dave Darave Facebook ID

Home town ... Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Email dave.darave.773@facebook.com

Service ... 20 plus years, 1Para / 2Para / 4 Para
Dream on Dave ... boy scouts more like it !!!

Strange, everyone of his 38 friends are female, when I asked him for names and dates, he blocked my from his Facebook page.


From his Facebook page dated 7th Jan ... That was the first and only jump i did with a dog lol,that dog has found over a thousand mines and ied`s that was before i packed in,still sniffing in afghanistan to this day that pic was taken jumping into Serba 1999

WRONG DAVE ... look what I found on Google
Dog joins troops on parachute jump in Norway ... An Austrian special forces trooper training parachuting with dogs ... dated 16th March 2010.

Woff-woff, Dave you do tell big ones !!!


The man himself in uniform ... not sure where he got it from though ... on another photo on his left sleve is the rank of a CSM.

Dave you have been "Honey Trapped" ...
I'll call  her
Jackie, (not her real name) she sent him this ... 20th Sept 2012

hiya dave, iv bin readin ur info, wow, bet u seen sum things, my 2 older brothers were in the army, 1 in Kings Division an Queen Elizabeth Regiment, i kno its not the paras, i dnt understand it wen u say 1/2/4 Regiment, wow 20+yrs, it doesnt say how old u r haha, is the Para anythin owt 2 do wit Black Ops, i dnt understand any ov it, sumtimes its bliss bein a bit ignorant as it mus be pretty full on, an scary, i kno i dnt kno u but its a bit ov a privaledge 2 chat 2 a soldier other than my brothers, keep in touch x

From him to Jackie, Dated 21st Setp 2012

He sed he woz in 2 Para 9yrs & cum out 4 a bit, got bored, went back in 4 Para which is the Territorial brigade (part timers) realised he missed it an went back in 2 Para, coz he had served more than 3yrs in 2 Para he went in to 1 Para (SFSG) special forces support group which assist in Black Ops & woz still wit them wen he had his accident.

Strange on his Facebook page he say's "Bullet wound ouch lol" (Photo below), I don't know where he got the "Para" tee shirt from or what it say's ... 


The accident

22nd Sept 2012 from Jackie
He sed he woz in Afghanistan, a friend ov his stepped on a land mine an ended up all over him, he tuk the blow 2 his right side, broken nose, shattered elbow, pelvis, nerve damage, hes at a post in QE hospital in Birmingham.


A personal message to Dave Darave (or what-ever your name is) ... You do have the right to reply, please contact me via Facebook

I will contact your local newspaper who I hope will follow this up, however you say it, you are missleading women, for whatever reason I don't know, perhaps you can tell me.


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