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Richard Timmins

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Richard Timmins ... mad dog ! ... Changed his name to Richard Thomas

Says hes Ex 2 para and SAS b sqn... age 43
Sgt McGoodin was his sgt.
Done 25 yrs service left in 2010
Joined 22 in 89 ..

So that means he did 4 yrs in 2 para from the age of 14 ...maths isnt my strong point but it dont add up to me !!

Once put to the acid test he had memory lapses and the normal Walt back peddle commences followed by the normal suspension of account and run away once he knew the game was up.
Well done to the airborne brotherhood for exposing such a sad twat.
Oh and a wife beater too.

Richard Timmins

Richard Timmins

This is what he told one of my Honey Trap Girls

I got this from him .....

split up in 2012 tryed to work it out she live in derbyshire i live in notts went to see my daughter and caught her with some one else wht done me he was wearing my smock with my wings and flashes on it fuck knows but i end up in prison for hitting him like a twat i am should of walk way tell what i only hit him once broke his nose and jaw in four places ... this is the truth

Richard Timmins
Ex-soldier hit his partner with axe as she held their baby girl, Derby court told
By Derby Telegraph, Posted: August 27, 2012

been told i got PTSD cant work that pea me off got to be on the go dug my garden four times this week lol
so your other half is he a para Yeah hes ex 3 para ..

what where u in ? Are you getting help for PTSD ? Im a counsellor too
im ex 2 para and ex 22 b sqn Ah ok ..where you in long ?

25 years i did come out in 2010
Wow well done you ! Life is different as a civvy ..

yep im a life member of the airbourne brotherhood now
cant stand civvy life and the people around here Yeah its hard to adjust ... civvys have no idea and no respect ...

where do you live now ?
nottingham for the time being you right people dont give a shit i had a young lad had to much to drink trying to take me on bad move for him also went in to the fishing tackle shop had my para t shirt on there was a lad in there chatting this girl up say he was a sniper for 2 para and he knew me he said to this girl i ask him for his name rank and number he just walk out head down Ignore them ...its the best way
easy said then done

Where you at the 10miler last month ??I recognise your face
you recgnise me from where Dunno ...do you go to the traff for some of the reunions ?

i dont know where i was last week lol I suppose you do the blades stuff tho ...
havnt been for a long time Did you do the para 10 miler ?My boss here is ex RSM 1 para ..he's a twat lol
blades stuff er what you mean rupurt

you not going to put that back in your mouth Youll be asking me what colour is the boat house painted soon lol .... I have a few collectors items from sterling lines shhhhhh
oooooooooooo i see mm A few flash bangs a browning and stuff lol ... nice i have the 9mm thunder flashes brill for fishing Your supposed to hook them now blow the fookers outta the water

lolThats cheating

yep but its works lol so where do you know me from where you from So you will know Jim adji and alister rose then ..
i left 2 para in 89 went in 22 89 not good with names but faces yer I dont know you I said your face looks familiar ..I thoughr u where at the 10 milerThey are both 22 my head hasnt been right since i had a burn out stage in 2010 took my own life couldnt hndle it coming out my mrs had to cut me some thing just snap at my mate house we just drinking home brew then i lost it
yer which sqn b a d which one was there in red team or blue team Not sure most of the guys dont talk about it do they lol do you know mcgoodin

no we dont Nope he was my sgt So u did 21 yrs in 22 !! Wow long time ..yer work with other unit like 7 para pwo 16 foot done a lot in my time but i will say this my red berry was my first i will all ways be a para till the day i die I thought youdt prefer the sand coloured one ...no para has ever called anyone in 22 a crap hat

lol So did u go to the Falklands ?
lmao when i went in there was a lot of people went for the training and a lot failed some one ask me how come you pass i just said i wanted the sandy and i focus on that and pass just i think i got a photo on here with my sandy on check my pictures and you will see Not looked in your pics ..yeah selection is hell But so is p coy ... yes my lady it was i wouldnt pass again yer p coy is but selection for the sas is harder than p coy

So who did u go through depot with ? I bet we've got loads of mutuals lol
lol well could tell you that but i have to kill you
lmao I bet u know tom simpson and gaz bradford ? Nutters lol
lol lets just say my nick name was mad dog
where you from so Well as long as your not rabid lol Catterick
lmao is that what the white stuff is Yuk yuk lol

i have been after a 1960 para smock what the para worn im ireland sunday bloody sunday got any i dea where i can get one They are like rocking horse poo and ive got one its only small tho and no you cant have it ...I had to jump from 1400 ft at netheravon to get it !!
it wouldnt fit me im 50in chest 6ft 3 size 12 boot I got it from one of the old and bold guys it was like new !No way it will fit thank goodness

Webmaster note ...

From the newspaper clipping we now have his address. And his local pub, his tackle shop were he buys his fishing kit ...
The list goes on ..! I'll have more on him by the end of the day.


Hi mate,
just to let you know that Timmins bloke requested to join the JPC groups , but never responded to our requests - and now he's gone !

Hi mate,
I can 100% confirm that Richard Timmins wasn't "B" Sqn

Richard Timmins

A personal message to Richard Timmins ... mad dog ! (or what-ever your name is)
You do have the right to reply, please contact me via Facebook

I will contact your local newspaper who I hope will follow this up, however you say it, you are missleading women, for whatever reason I don't know, perhaps you can tell me.

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