Royal Green Jackets

Royal Green Jackets Regimental Association ... 1966-2007

A Brief history of the Regiment

Memorial at Peninsula Barracks Winchester


Northern Ireland Roll of Honour


Bloomsbury Rifles Lodge No.2362 consecrated on the 9th July 1890 in to the United Grand Lodge of England.


I served with 2 RGJ in Munster, West Germany 1968 after basic training at the depot "Winchester"

Rfn David Smart

Oxford Barracks ... photos courtesy of L/Cpl John Carruthers, 2 KRRC

Built - 1936
Type - Luftwaffe
Original name - Hermann Goering Kaserne

2 RGJ 1969-1972

The Origin of the Regimental Motto

Regimental Records state that Major-General James Wolfe was so impressed with the alertness, intrepidity and spirited conduct of the grenadier companies of the 2nd and 3rd Battalion of the 60th Royal Americans before Quebec that he conferred on them the motto Celer et Audax (Swift and Bold). The exact occasion on this 'spirited conduct' is not certain. An analysis of the possibilities is included in the Annals, Volume I, Appendix 1. Most probably it was on 9 August 1759 when it is believed that the grenadier companies, who were escorting Wolfe at the time, had a sharp encounter with the enemy and that he was extremely pleased with the outcome.

The relevance and significance of General Wolfe's gesture seems to have attracted little attention thereafter until, sixty-five years later, permission was sought to resume use of the Motto. The reply, dated 11 October 1824 and addressed to the Regiment's commanding officers from the Deputy Adjutant General at Horse Guards, stated:

I have the honour to acquaint you, by direction of the Commander-in-Chief, that His Majesty has been pleased to permit the 60th Regiment, 'The Duke of York's Own Rifle Corps', to resume the motto 'Celer et Audax', which was formerly worn by the Regiment in commemoration of its distinguished bravery whilst employed with the British Army in North America, under Major-General Wolfe, in the year 1759.

The Motto subsequently played a central role in underpinning the Regimental approach to soldiering, occupying pride of place on the Regiment's cap badge and accoutrements. On 1 January 1966 the English translation 'Swift and Bold' was adopted as the Regimental Motto of The Royal Green Jackets. The Motto was later taken up by the newly formed The Rifles in February 2007.

Oxford Barracks

Oxford Barracks


Somewhere in Germany, me lying on ground, left-hand-side with GPMG

Champion GPMG shot in training ...

Best recruit (not me)

Name that man ... Winchester 1968 ? ... Rfn Machin, front right
Centre Row, behind Lt Alastair Stewart ... Rfn Smart

From Winchester Lt Alastair Stewart went to 1RGJ as IO and Adjutant to Frank Kitson, then reformed 3RGJ back to a Battalion after a few years as a single company, 3 tours in NI, then Adjt to 4RGJ, and finally commanded a company in 1RGJ in Dover and Cyprus with the UN. Cpl Brooks was in my company then as Serjeant Brooks! I left the Army in 1976



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