[ Poperinge_Coat_of-Arms ]During the Great War armies from Belgium, France and The Commonwealth fought to hold on to a small piece of land in Flanders that was to have some of the worst conditions ever seen on any battle field.

A memorial march over two days in November 2017, replicating the march to the front by the troops of the Commonwealth from Poperinge, through Ypres and on to Passchendaele, the front line.

Representing the Imperial and Allied soldiers of the Great War conflict should be veterans that have taken the ‘oath of allegiance’ and served their countries with discipline, pride and loyalty in doing so putting up with great hardships. This living memorial will recapture the spirit of 1917.

4th to 6th November 2017 ... book your place here


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5th December 2015

Passchendaele 2017 (ANZAC) ... Facebook Link has been set up to run with the original group 'Passchendaele 2017'. It will allow all group members from Australia and New Zealand to be kept up to date on developments.

11th September 2015

Today we got approval for the official PASSCHENDAELE 2017 test to go ahead 23-24 and 25th April 2016. We will set off from the Zonnebeke museum at 10-00 (25th April 2016) and be up to your pub by 11-00 roughly.

This test is for your benefit so officials can :-
1) Talk to us .
2) Take notes .
3) Take as many pictures as they like .

Please contact Mr Peter Slosse , Jav Verdoodt or myself if you have any questions. See you in April 2016 and please be assured that as the team represents 180-000 soldiers missing in the salient we will be totally professional.

23-24 and 25th April 2016 18 months ahead of the date.

If you want to show support then be in Wipers on 24th April @ 11-30 by the Cloth Hall.

That will be the time to show some soldierly solidarity with the test team.
5 UK
5 Can
5 OZ
5 NZ
1 Flemish battle field guide

This will be the greatest single act of remembrance Flanders has ever seen and indeed will ever see, in 100 years time in 2114 people will ask “well what did they do for 2017?” history will say that we got it right for all the missing and fallen no matter what nation they were from. I care for them all.

We got a positive letter from the head of tourism in Wipers.

The letter informed me that:-
1) They do like the event.
2) We have permission to go through Wipers 'in principle'.
3) The alternative route via Hell Fire Corner cannot be used.


The issue now is that we have to start the process all over again EAST and WEST of Wipers.

I do have very good members in these areas working on this issue and questions arising:-

1) Water.
2) Toilets.
3) Above all else 'LAND'.

Until we have full permission and the above 3 set up for the whole event there is no point to set up registration.

Let me reassure you, negotiations on going ... we have a great team working for us

Wait-out Mark Hastings

Buckingham Palace

Route - Map

A Project Proposal



During the Great War armies from Belgium, France and The Commonwealth fought to hold on to a small piece of land in Flanders that was to have some of the worst conditions ever seen on any battle field.

Passchendaele 2017

[ Poperinge_Coat_of-Arms ]

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Full details here on the project so far

Letter of support from ...

Representative of the Government of Flanders in the UK
Belgian Embassy/Flanders House
1a Cavendish Square

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A Project proposal to commemorate the centenary of the battle of Passchendaele

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PASSCHENDAELE (Wikipedia) ... Images from Google ---> Click here

During the Great War armies from Belgium, France and The Commonwealth fought to hold on to a small piece of land in Flanders that was to have some of the worst conditions ever seen on any battle field.

The area known as the Ypres Salient was fought over until in 1917 Passchendaele finally fell in November of that year after months of effort and sacrifice.

On the 22nd of April 2012, I (Mark Hastings) went to Popering to meet with a delegation of officials from Flanders in “TALBOT HOUSE” (also known as Toc H) organised by Jeremy Hoogmartens of Flanders House in London, part of the Belgian Diplomatic staff. I made the case that there were far too many separate battles in the Salient area to remember each one in turn and that “one big effort” collectively was required

This is the reason behind Passchendaele 2017.

We discussed at the meeting in Talbot House 5 main subject areas …

1)    THE AIM, Too reunite the nations on both sides of the battle, Belgium, France, The Commonwealth and Germany in remembrance for the fallen in the Ypres Salient. To also and some would say more importantly to promote peace and reconciliation for the future.

2)    THE OBJECTIVE, Too turn Popering into a Commonwealth garrison town for one night only for the first time in 100 years in November 2017.

3)    THE EXECUTION, Too walk as a complete [Commonwealth force (COM F)], from Popering to Passchendaele via Ypres through the Menin Gate (three cheers for the fallen) and then on to the Zonnebeke museum where we will stay the night.

4)    THE REASON, Too remember the 100 years anniversary of the battles in1917 in the best way possible ALL TOGETHER AND UNITED.


A) Participants must have served in their respective countries military or have a relative missing or buried on either side of the salient line.

B) Participants should be “self-sufficient”. They should have a back pack, sleeping bag, tent, roll mat, 3 days supplies of food, a cooker and a change of clothes (given the numbers expected all this kit will avoid being a drain on local resources). Dress will be hiking boots, hiking trousers and water proofs.

C) The muster/start point should be TALBOT HOUSE.

Day 1 … Muster as early as possible in Popering.

Day 2 … First squad away from start @ 0800, then every 15 or 30 minutes until everyone is moving. Squads should be no more than 100 in total, each. Arrive in Zonnebeke to meet the German force (the German force will be marching from the opposite side of the line, equal in distance to Popering).


Day 3 … Move to Passchendaele all together united as friends for a church service.

D) The guides/officials/helpers should be made up of members from THE GREAT WAR SOCIETY U.K.

E) Talbot House was considered to be the best and most logical place for an administration centre, H.Q.Com F, press centre, muster/registration point and finally the start point.

F) There should be a meeting every 6 months in Ypres or Popering to further this event.

G) There is a 2 year cushion for events in Flanders. This means everything must be in place and finalised by November 2015.

H) There was a debate when Passchendaele finally fell,
I (Mark Hastings ) say 6th November 1917.
Passchendaele 1917 Mus. say 10th November 1917.
Clarification on this date is important.

At the meeting on the 22nd April 2012 in Talbot House this event/idea was discussed in great detail. It was agreed in principle that the event was “very workable”. It was also agreed that we all had specific jobs to do and that we should specialise in our own particular area.

I stated to the delegation that as I was based in the U.K. (in London), I would be the initial link between the Flemish authorities and The Commonwealth through The Royal British Legion and The Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Meeting 2 will be in October 2012. We need to get Passchendaele 2017 out to The Commonwealth, Belgium, France and Germany to find out the interest. I will then be able to go back to Ypres/Popering and report our findings to our Flemish friends.

All my very best regards to you all who ever you are.


Signed …

Mark Hastings, Ex British Army. (3rd Royal Tank Regiment (mechanical))

P.S. My mobile telephone will always be on, please call.



Mark Hastings MARK.HASTINGS@london-fire.gov.uk

07733 264170

Jan Verdoot (Guild of Battlefield Guides. Flanders)
00324 781 83041
00325 733 6610

1st July 1916