Royal Green Jackets

cap badge

Cpl Robert Bankier. Aged 24. 
(1 R.G.J.) Shot by a sniper when he left his Land-Rover to disperse some children who were blocking the road
in the Markets area of Belfast, The children were covering gunmen who when the children dispersed on either
side of the road opened fire down the middle killing Cpl Bankier on the 22.05.1971.

Rfn David Walker. Aged 30. 
(1 R.G.J.). Shot dead by a sniper as he was leaving his O. P. at Northumberland Street in the Lower Falls Area
of West Belfast on the 12.07.1971.

Rfn Joseph Hill. Aged 24.
(1 R.G.J.). Shot dead by snipers during street disturbances in the Bogside, Londonderry on the 16.10.1971.

Major Robin Alers-Hankey. Aged 35.
(2 R.G.J.). Shot by snipers during street disturbances in the Bogside Area of Londonderry on the 16.10.1971.
He died of his wounds 4 months later on the 30.01.1972.

Rfn John Taylor. Aged 19.
(2 R.G.J.). Shot dead by a sniper while on foot patrol in William Street, Londonderry on the 20.03.1972.

Rfn James Meredith. Aged 19.
(2 R.G.J.). Shot dead while on foot patrol in Abercorn Road, Londonderry on the 26.06.1972.

L/Cpl David Card. Aged 21.
(1 R.G.J.). Shot dead while on foot patrol in Anderson Town West Belfast on the 04.08.1972.

Cpl Ian Morrill. Aged 29.
(3 R.G.J.). Shot dead by sniper while on foot patrol in Beechmount Avenue in Belfast on the 28.08.1972.

Rfn David Griffiths. Aged 20.
(3 R.G.J.). Shot by sniper while on foot patrol in Clonard Street. Lower Falls. West Belfast on the 30.08.1972.

Rfn Raymond Joesbury. Aged 18.
(3 R.G.J.). Shot while on mobile patrol in the Whiterock Road area of West Belfast. He died 2 days later in hospital on the 08.12.1972.

Rfn Michael Gibson. Aged 20.
(1 R.G.J.). Michael Gibson died while attending the scene of a burglary near Forkhill along with 2 members of the RUC - when their car arrived at the scene one of the Police Officers went to the house leaving the other and Michael in the car - a number of gunmen then
approached the rear of the car and fired in through the rear screen - most of the shots were fired towards the Police Officer (he was in uniform) 2 rounds hit Michael at the base of the spine - Michael was first flown to Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry but concerns over security prompted a move to Musgrave Hospital in Belfast.
Constable David McNeice. Aged 19 (RUC) died at the scene of the shooting .
Rfn Gibson died of his wounds 30 days later on the 14.12.1974.

Cpl William Smith. Aged 29.
(1 R.G.J.). Shot dead while on mobile patrol by sniper out side the Girwood Park SF Base in Belfast on the 31.08.1977.

Lt/Col Ian Corden-Lloyd. Aged 39.
(2 R.G.J.). Died near Bessbrook on the 17.02.1978.

Rfn Nicholas Smith. Aged 20.
(2 R.G.J.). Killed by a booby trapped bomb while attempting to remove an Irish Flag off a telegraph pole in Crossmaglen,
Co Armagh on the 04.03.1978.

Rfn Christopher Watson. Aged 20.
 (R.G.J.). Shot dead while off duty and drinking in the Village Inn in Rosemount, Londonderry on the 19.07.1980.

(1 R.G.J.) Rfn Michael Bagshaw. Aged 29. 
(1 R.G.J.) Rfn Andrew Gavin. Aged 19
(1 R.G.J.) Rfn John King. Aged 24
(1 R.G.J.) L/Cpl Grenville Winstone. Aged 27

The above named 4 servicemen along with the Armoured Personal Carrier Driver. Dvr Paul Bulman. Aged 19 of the RCT 
were killed in a massive landmine attack on their APC, while they were on mobile patrol in the Camlough area near Bessbrook,
County Armagh on the 19.05.1981.

L/Cpl Gavin Dean. Aged 21.
(1 R.G.J.). Shot dead by sniper in Observation Post near Crossmaglen, County Armagh on the 16.07.1981.

Rfn Daniel Holland. Aged 19 (2 R.G.J.).
Rfn Nicholas Malakos. Aged 19 (2 R.G.J.).
Rfn Anthony Rapley. Aged 22 (2 R.G.J.).

The three above named riflemen were killed in a machine gun attack while on mobile patrol in Crocus Street off the
Springfield Road of West Belfast on the 25.03.1982.

Hyde Park & Regents Park Bombings occurred on July 20, 1982.
Royal Green Jackets Bandsmen

WO2 Graham Barker. Aged 36 (Band of the R.G.J.)
Bandsman John Heritage. Aged 29 (Band of the R.G.J.)
Bandsman Robert Livingstone. Aged 31 (Band of the R.G.J.)
Cpl John McKnight. Aged 30 (Band of the R.G.J.)
Bandsman George Mesure. Aged 19 (Band of the R.G.J.)
Bandsman Keith Powell. Aged 24 (Band of the R.G.J.) ... 
A personal tribute to Keith from his Mum (Mrs Patricia Powell) ... We too lost a Son - a Brother - a Husband -a Dad ... click here
Bandsman Laurence Smith. Aged 19 (Band of the R.G.J.)

The first attack was a large nail bomb hidden in a blue car parked on the mall in Hyde Park, along the route used by the Household Cavalry, the Queen's official bodyguard regiment during the famous Changing of the Guard between Buckingham Palace and Knightsbridge. Three ceremonially uniformed soldiers of the Blues and Royals were killed instantly, and another died on the 23 July from his injuries. The other soldiers in the procession were all badly wounded and shrapnel and nails sprayed into the crowd of tourists assembled to watch the parade, causing further injuries. Seven of the regiment's horses were also killed or had to be put down because of their injuries.

The second explosion occurred almost simultaneously, when a bomb hidden underneath the bandstand in Regent's Park exploded during a performance of the music from Oliver! by the Royal Green Jackets band to a crowd of 120 people. Here too, the crowd was peppered by shrapnel from the iron bandstand, causing dozens of injuries amongst the audience, as well as killing or wounding the entire band. The blast was so powerful that one of the bodies was thrown onto an iron fence thirty yards away, and seven bandsmen were killed outright.

Blues and Royals.
SQMC Roy Bright. Aged 36.
Lt Denis Daly. Aged 23,
Trooper Simon Tipper. Aged 19 and L/Cpl Jeffery Young. Aged 20
died in the blast along with several horses.
The IRA claimed responsibility for this cowardly attack.

Rfn David Mulley. Aged 20
(R.G.J.) Killed by a remote controlled bomb was detonated just as the Joint RUC / RGJ foot patrol was passing a derelict building in Castlewellin , Co Down on the 18.03.1986.

L/Cpl Thomas Hewitt. Aged 21. (R.G.J.) Shot dead by a sniper while on foot patrol in Belleek County Fermanagh on the 19.07.1987.