Ronald Waite

DOB 25th Nov 1919 - DOD 23 Oct 1990

Ronald with his daughter Carol 1989

1989 just one year prior to his death, with his daughter Carol.

SAS Wings


Below is a story published by "THE PEOPLE", 11th September 1988 by Mike Langley, which links in very nicly with Frank Ronald Waite

Major Anders Frederik Emil Victor Schau Lassen... Watch a youtube video
22.09.1920 - 09.04.1945 ... read more

Ronald Waite


Ronald Waite (formerly known as Frank Ronald Waite)
Served in SAS with Hans Larson 3xMCs and VC also with 'Big' Paddy Mayne on multiple 'suicide missions'.
Born Chester 1919
Died Gravesend in Kent 23/10/1990
Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.

Distinguished Service Medal (UK)
Relationship to me ( John Davies ) My Uncle ... to contact John, Click here

Photo reprinted from the story above ...

He was an inspiration to me with my own military career and was always giving me advice and encouragement and keen to learn what i had been assigned to and the outcome. On the outside he was of a mild and placid likeable nature but what lay beneath is all too well known. Courage and bravery came as second nature. Due to his injury,he spent his life in and out of Military hospital having his foot constantly re-pinned.
He and my Auntie Pat (his wife) were housed courtesy of the government for services to his country until his passing in 1990 in a bungalow in Gravesend.
To me, his legacy is priceless. RIP

Ronald Waite



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