28TH MARCH 1987 – 4TH SEPTEMBER 2011

RAF Benson



As a very young boy, Robert loved nothing better than to dress up in his army uniform and to be a soldier like his dad. We always knew that he would follow in his footsteps and join the military. As he grew up and left school he got into Arnold Clark as an apprentice mechanic which he followed through for 4 years but during this time he had put in his application to join the RAF.

He thought about the army but decided he wanted to be different from his friends and join the RAF as like many in this country he thought they were a cut above the rest. It was not an easy journey as he failed his first medical but he challenged the doctor and got a second opinion and passed it with flying colours.

Robert followed his dream and passed out at RAF Halton on February 2010. He then went to Manston in Kent to follow his dream and become a Firefighter. This didn't go without mishap. His first day of training they decided to end it with a game of football. Robert got injured and broke his toe, which meant he could not participate in the manual training. He stayed at Manston and finished all the classroom work but had to be back squaded due to not being able to carry out the manual tasks. Instead of taking the easy route and coming home on sick leave he asked if he could take pictures of the guys training and tried to set up a web site to help the new guys coming in. We were told at his funeral that Robert was one of the most eager recruits and they thought that with his attitude he would go far.




Robert passed out from RAF Manston in January 2011. It was a freezing cold day but when they set that plane on fire and the crew came rushing in it was amazing that it took minutes to extinguish it. A very proud moment for us as a family and for Robert to show us just what he was capable of. He always had a positive attitude towards life and never let things get him down. He was never one for giving up on anything he had the determination to carry out anything that he put his mind to.

RAF Manston

After he passed out as a firefighter he was posted to RAF Benson in Oxford. He was only there a matter of months when he was found dead in his accommodation block.



Robert received a full military funeral with honours. But sadly since then the RAF and his comrades have let us down by closing doors and no-one speaking to us. We have set up a campaign Justice for Robert to try and gain information regarding our sons death. We are as proud today of Robert as we were the minute he was born.

It's that time again to get out the baubles and tree
Childrens excited faces are a joy to see
Christmas is for families for gifts to share
Showing each other how much you care
But at our table there's an empty chair
as our son and brother Robert will never again sit there
We know you're busy at this time of year
but please remember JFR and pop in here
When you place your angel upon your tree
spare a thought for my angel, who's always walks with me

Roll of Honour