6th June 1971 ~ 2nd Aug. 2013

Wings 2 Para

My Brother

Sadly Michael Passed Away At home at 23 Llancayo Park, Bargoed at the Age of 42.
Michael served with The Parachute Regiment, 4plt, B-Coy, 2nd Battalion, till January 1996 at the age of 24 whilst doing a Training Parachute Jump in South Africa he fell 800ft and broke his back, he was very lucky as he had died twice but thanks to his friend with his swift actions he survived.
The Accident meant Michael had to have his back built back together with metal plates, bolts and rods. But Michael would always be left disabled and in a lot of pain which had gotten worse each year that went by.

Recent years Michael liked to stay at home and watch telly and read books about the Military. In The Past Year he started writing his own book about his life from his childhood to his Days in the Army, He Called his book "Nine Lives", Think it was down to the fact he thought with the narrow Escapes he had he should have been dead years ago. Sadly Michael was writing his last chapter before he died.

Pte M. Bengough

He was very generous; too soft for his own good at times but that was Michael for you and no one could ever change that, he would go without for his children even the ones that are grown adults.



He wasn't a bad man he was a kind man who would help you if he could. You earned your wings to be a Paratrooper, Now you have your real wings for sure.

Michael and daughter


Michael and His Daughter Samantha who was born In Sept 1996 ~ 8 Months after His Accident.
She will always be a daddy’s girl.

To My Beautiful Son Michael, it’s Your Birthday Again and you’re Not with Us Anymore, I am still heartbroken all the time, Think of you every day, love always Mam, xxxxx
Margaret Bengough

To The Man Who Stepped In and Wasn't Only Just My Brother, and Best Friend, He Was Also Like A Dad to Me Too. So Happy Father’s Day My Dear Brother Michael

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Brian Buggy
I served with Benji in 4plt, B-Coy, 2 Para. I was in the same stick and landed near him on that fateful jump in Africa. So sad to hear that he had suffered so much over the years and that he has passed. R.I.P mucker and see you in Valhalla. Airborne.

Shane Huntle RIP I was in B company with him during the Palace Tour

Phil Mosele RIP young man you are a tribute too the Para Regt your duty is done now rest

Alistair Cole We served in the same platoon, RIP Bengi.



6th June 1971 ~ 2nd Aug. 2013

Michael's Grave stone