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Prosper Keating
I live in France now.
Been here for nearly Twenty years. Well in with the French Paras

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Prosper Keating
I live in France now. Been here for fourteen years. Well in with the French Paras – always wished I’d gotten their wings up...even went to Pau one time in 1987 with two other guys on an...um...unofficial visit and they were up for it but the weather closed in – and my nephew on my wife’s side is with the 1° RCP (1st Para Regt). He was an NCO for several years, seeing action in Ivory Coast recently, is currently at St-Cyr (their Sandhurst) and scheduled for Lebanon. Good blokes, that lot! They sing all the same songs!

Prosper Keating

A 4 Coy original, Pat Sands (centre) after a Dyers Delight. Pat served right up to the bitter end.

RSIs Russ Nurse (squatting) and Prosper Keating of Sigs Pln 10 PARA explain the finer points of the 349 to glum, bored members of 4 Coy with Sgt Tony Williams looking on. Facing the camera on the right is Pte – later Sgt – Larry Miller.

Slumdweller near Fox Covert sometime in the late 1980s.

Somewhere in Germany during LIONHEART in ‘84 as 
“Orange Forces” ... 

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11 Pln, 4 Coy, 10 PARA
Snapped on my camera, this photo hung briefly in the 4 Coy bar at Duke of Yorks, before the battalion was binned by a government that kept seventeen craphat bands on the ORBAT...

Left to right:

Front row: Forgotten; 
L/Cpl “Scouse” Jones; Pte David Fox-Pitt; Lt Tony Imossi (OC); Sgt Louch; Sgt Al Hardy; Pte Stott; forgotten; Pte Dave Nutyer

Back Row: Pte Lee Jeal (went to 2 REP); Pte Prosper Keating; Pte Chris Ryan; L/Cpl Bunny Read; 
Pte Rob Birt (2nd youngest ever to jump, having lied about age); 
Cpl Del Anderson (PTS kicked him off a couple of courses for being too tall before CO intervened); 
Pte Roger Burton; forgotten; forgotten. 

Maybe someone can fill in the forgotten names for us?

Arnhem 1991 or 1992: Signals Pln JNCOs: Tim Walker (?)
Prosper Keating (RSI) and Sean Madeley.

Here are a couple of then and now photos. Grinning like a fool in some former Waffen-SS tank barracks in Paderborn in ‘84, still stoned from the reaction to the umpteen vaccinations they shoved in my arm and Paris more recently on my bike.

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