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That exercise at Northolt


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A small article which I think may be of interest to your readers. Briefly it is the adventures of a disparate / desperate bunch of Paras/French REP/RAF wandering the south of France on an  exercise in the 60s ... the usual SNAFU and FUBAR - all in the spirit of comradeship ... read the full story here

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Anybody wishing to join the Para's should watch this video. This was taken by the MOD for training purposes and shows a real insight into what tests are involved in the final week of pre parachute training. This is not a documentary ... Click here

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4 PARA, The Parachute Regiment's Reserve Battalion, is recruiting NOW and requires high calibre volunteers from the civilian sector.
Become a fully trained military parachutist and deploy on operations with our Regular Battalions throughout the world.
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Want to see 3 Para in action in Afghanistan ... Still Photo's
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Want to see 3 Para in action in Afghanistan ... Video  
Thanks to "The Sunday Times"
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It shows a series of fire-fights at the “platoon houses” in the north of the British-controlled Helmand province and RAF and US aircraft launching strikes on the insurgents. The footage and photographs graphically demonstrate the relentlessness of the fighting that General David Richards, the Nato commander in Afghanistan, has said was the fiercest for British forces since the Korean war in the 1950s.
The first six British soldiers to die in Helmand were killed in Sangin, the centre of the province’s opium processing industry. Soldiers recorded material on mobile phone cameras for a video, circulated among paratroopers, with a gung-ho musical soundtrack. It opens with a spoof Star Wars style sequence boasting of their triumphs.
Such images, filmed in part by the soldiers because the media were being kept away, are likely to be the last of their kind because in October the Ministry of Defence banned the use of cameras on operations. This was not for security reasons, but because they “may cause significant embarrassment to the MoD”.
In addition to the footage, The Sunday Times has obtained detailed accounts by officers of the 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment of operations in Sangin. The accounts record the leading role played by A Company, which was based in the government district centre in Sangin, and of 1 Platoon in particular.
One of the platoon’s section leaders was Corporal Bryan Budd, the posthumous winner of the VC. It also included Private Peter McKinley who won a Military Cross. The platoon was commanded by Lieutenant Hugo Farmer who won a Distinguished Gallantry Cross, second only to the VC. British servicemen deployed in southern Afghanistan during the summer have won more than 70 awards, including Budd’s VC, a George Cross, three Distinguished Gallantry Crosses, 11 Military Crosses and four Distinguished Flying Crosses.
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To test the physical fitness, determination and mental robustness, under conditions of stress, to determine whether an individual has the self discipline and motivation required for service with Airborne Forces.


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Regular Parachute Regiment Recruits and All-Arms officers/soldiers undertake the same basic tests. Parachute Regiment recruits attempt Test Week at week 20 of their CIC Course. All-Arms candidates attempt Test Week after a two and a half week 'build up' phase. Out of necessity (TA Soldiers do not have the same opportunities to prepare that the regulars have), the TA Test Week is slightly different. During Test Week, candidates will be expected to run, march and carry dead weights over 1-20 miles on undulating terrain. Test Week comprises of 8 separate events over a four and a half day period. 7 events are scored, one (The Tranasium) is a straight pass/fail. Each event is designed to assess a candidates physical fitness, mental robustness and determination. A candidate who fails to display the appropriate level of self discipline and motivation throughout Test week will fail the course.

P Coy is both physically and mentally demanding. Candidates can expect to be pushed to their limits and beyond. The prize, for those who are successful, is the award of the coveted 'maroon beret' and the opportunity to go on to conduct the Basic Parachute Course.

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