PFL 9393

Pegasus Forces Lodge 9393

Patron of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

Pegasus Forces Lodge was Consecrated on 5th December 1990
at Edward Street Temple, Aldershot. Hampshire.
sprig of Acacia

Steve Hood was a member of Pegasus Forces Lodge No. 9393 into which he was Initiated on 24th April 1996, the same day as Bro. Richard Stacey.
He was proposed by Bill Smith and seconded by George Stow.

Stephen Hood – who featured in iconic film footage celebrating victory at the battle of Goose Green – died (he was found dead in his car, six miles from his home) Thursday 3rd January 2013, just hours after Argentine president Cristina de Kirchner reignited the sovereignty row over the islands.

Yesterday, his distraught widow Carol urged politicians to stop their sabre-rattling for the sake of traumatised veterans

Steve served with 2nd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment in the Falklands, and previously in Northern Ireland.

As a medic with B Company, he saw action at Goose Green, widely considered the most intense and significant battle of the war.

Outnumbered paratroopers fought a brutal night action to defeat Argentinians who were dug into well-protected positions on a hillside.

Hood gained huge respect from colleagues because every casualty who arrived at the medical station – called the Regimental Aid Post – was treated so professionally that they survived.



Stephen 'Hank' Hood (left) with wife Carol, daughter Kirsty and son Leigh

The members of "Pegasus Forces Lodge send their kindest thoughts to Steve's family at this very sad time.

Steve and family



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