The Hebrew on the right (N-side) is read from right to left ... 
translated means

Beit Ha Mikdush be Yerushalym nivna aliyaday
The Holy Temple in Jerusalem was built by

Shlomo melech Israel. Hiram melech Tzur.
King Solomon of Israel. Hiram king of Tzur ...
In the year of ... 2992
(Tzur is a city in Lebanon)

Shevet Naftali abaniy.
The masons are from the Naftali tribe.
(Some people of the Tribe of Naftoli apparently excelled as skilful artisans. One of them was especially famous as a brass smith in the time of King Shlomo. When the young king was constructing the Beis Hamikdosh, he sent for this man, Hiram was his name. He was a widow's son from the tribe of Naftoli. His father was a brass smith who lived in Tzor (Tyre), and Hiram inherited his skill. Hiram's mother was from the tribe of Dan. Hiram "was filled with wisdom, and understanding and skill to do all works in brass" (I Kings 7:1314). Hiram fashioned and cast the pillars and columns adorned with capitals (heads); nets of checker works, wreaths of chain work, pomegranates, etc. It was Hiram who cast the two famous pillars Yachin and Bo'az that stood on the two sides of the entrance to the Sanctuary; also the molten "Sea" resting on twelve bases; the ten lavers (from which the Kohanim washed their hands and feet before beginning their holy service); and all the holy vessels that were made of brass, in addition to those that were made of gold.)
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The writing on the left (S-side) is cipher ...