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Keith Wolves Miles

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Keith Wolves Miles

Said he served with the British Army 6 July 1994 to 21 March 2004, with the rank of CSM

He says 10 years with RMP (also served with SAS)
N.I bosnia, kosovo, iraq, afghanistan

On his wall he wrote
13th October 2012 Midnight
i just wish my PTSD would leave me and go away!! i want my life back ok so please!!!!

Helen Smith Where would you go back too?
Keith Wolves Miles my life ok b4 PTSD

Helen Smith Where was that life?
Keith Wolves Miles
13th October 2012 .... 01.00 hrs
i fucking give up ok! i had some1 try and tell me that they know wat war is like!! well i been to NI, bosina, kosovo, iraq and afghan ok so come say noy! commet ok??

Notice the photo (right) Keith is seen clearly wearing three (3) medals and the photo below right he has six/seven (6/7) ... strange dont you think.

The photo below (left) Keith is wearing a tee shirt Homes 4 Heros

Well done Keith nothing wrong in that ... nothing wrong in helping-out selling Poppies ... what is wrong Keith is stalking women on Facebook.

What is wrong Keith is that you parade around outside the ASDA store in Wolverhampton wearing medals that you are not entitled to, what is wrong Keith is saying that you suffer from PTSD.

Loads more to come ... watch this space he (Keith Miles) is a nasty piece of work ... it gets worse ... on his FB... (Friday 26th October 2012 about 21.00hrs) now i am in tears the 1st female in the video is my ex fiance well wud be wife now.... RIP in peace sarah ...he show a Video and writes "yeah her name on it as well sarah jayne mulville .... i thought my eyes may of thought they seen her but it was her god i want her back so much.xx"


Keith Wolves Miles

FB Snap-Shot

Sarah-Jayne Mulvihill


Sarah Jane

Married to another serving member of the RAF, Lee Mulvihill

She was 32 years old at the time of her death,
and is survived by her parents, her brother and her husband.

The only conection between Keith and Sarah was that they
both came from Canterbury ...



Keith (the Walt) Miles

Keith, I’m going to assume that you really did go to The Orchard School which as you know is a Community Special School, which caters for pupils
who have behaviour and learning difficulties as identified by their Statement of Special Educational Needs that said, you probably didn’t have the best start in life,
I also note that you have recently been on a course for PTSD, you do not need to be in the military to suffer from PTSD, so again I’ll give you the benefit
of the doubt.

What is wrong Keith is that you walk around and wear medals that you are not entitled to wear … you have two photos on your Facebook account
(FB) of you wearing medals, one outside Mike & Helen White’s pub in Moseley Village, worse still is the plaque (outside the pub) with your name on it stating
that you were a CSM with the Royal Military Police (RMP) presented by “The Royal British Legion” (RBL). The other photo is you with a lady outside ASDA’s store
in Wolverhampton, totally out of order Keith … have you any idea how real servicemen/women feel seeing people like you impersonating Her Majesty Forces (HMF),
many if not all have lost their best friends killed, blown-up and with arms and legs missing often right in front of their eyes.

Many of the girls on your friends list are part of my team to catch people like you and they all use false accounts, I have enough personal messages (PM)
from you to them to really paint a very bad picture of you Keith, you have a funny attitude when talking to women Keith. You have stated many times on
your (FB) page that you served with the “Special Air Service” (SAS) … have you any idea what is required to pass selection for the SAS.
You have tried in the past to put yourself down as a collector for Honour British Forces and you give the impression that you work for (RBL).
So where are we with you Keith and what do I do about you … do I add you to my “Walter Mitty” page on my Parachute Regiment website and
show you for what you are, are you going to stop wearing those medals … are you going to apologise for your actions. It’s your call Keith.

I can confirm that the local paper will become involved Express & Star the Editor is Adrian Faber, perhaps you would like to contact their reporter
to put the record straight if so this is reporter you need to talk to John Scott john.scott@expressandstar.co.uk
If you delete me from your friends list and think that I will just go away, you are plum wrong Keith, I have people very close to you Keith and
I’ll just push your details out to all and sundry, let me remind you of the type of people who you have pissed-off, everyone military and their close families,
imagine you have lost a Son / Daughter / Brother / Husband and along comes Keith wearing medals that he is not entitled to wear impersonating
a member of Her Majesty Forces, you need to stop doing this Keith and stop now before the Police are involved.

On your FB account ... (Friday 26th October 2012 about 21.00hrs) you wrote …
“now i am in tears the 1st female in the video is my ex fiance well wud be wife now.... RIP in peace sarah ...you show a Video and writes
"yeah her name on it as well sarah jayne mulville .... i thought my eyes may of thought they seen her but it was her god i want her back so much.xx"

Those comments are really sad Keith …
Just a gentle reminder Keith, if you start swearing or become abusive, I’ll get the Police involved.
This is me David Smart (ex 2 Para / 10 Para / Selection 21 SAS) … I would be pleased to meet you anytime Keith.


Keith Wolves Miles Keith

Hi Dawn

So sorry to hear you have trouble with Keith Miles ...

This is what happened with us. I apologise now for the language I will type. He approached my mum first of all to seek help from the charity and to also collect for us. He came to us claiming to suffer from severe PTSD. He said he wanted help from the charity. Mum said to me after the first call he seems very strange and something didn't sit right. He doesnt seem to know much about the military even though claiming to have served for years. The first thing we do is ask a person to prove their service. Also because mum was worried about him I took over talking to him. So being in the forces at the time I told Keith that to volunteer for the charity he would need a police check. We dont police check our volunteers but something wasnt right with him so I wanted to see what he said. He then started shouting at me saying I am ex RMP I dont need a fucking police check. Who the fuck are you telling me I need a police check. I then had a go at him for swearing at me and he said sorry its my PTSD.

I said to him about his service. He told me he had served in Iraq, bosnia, afghan and one other conflict which I cant remember. I told him if he needs help he would have to produce his service record which we all get when you leave. He told me his Dad burnt it. Feasible answer I thought. So I said can you show me your medals. He said my Dad burnt them. Alarm bells rang then. The ribbons would burn but not the medals. And if anyone tried to burn my medals I would jump into a bloody fire to get them. I said what about uniform. Again dad burnt them. What about photos of you in service. Dad burnt them. I told him I didnt believe him. Then he got really abusive on the phone. Next thing I know he is putting his work down as collector for Honour British Forces and our logo as his profile picture. I told him to remove them. I heard nothing more from him.

Then a few days later he started texting my mum again. Saying Erica I am down and need to chat. She ignored them as I told her not to talk to him. He then started calling her phone and calling her a cunt for ignoring him. Now my mum dont take prisoners lightly and she told him in no uncertain terms to fuck off. I am very protective of my mother and called Keith.

I gave him an ultimatum. Stop calling my mother or I will sort you out. He then started shouting give me your big 4 ( name rank number religion etc) Said piss off its of no business to you. He then started saying you fucking liar you have never served. Again I said I will give out my big 4 under interrogation only. He then threatened me and said I will come to cornwall and interrogate you you little fucking prick. I laughed at him and said by all means and told him where to find me on a certain day.

He then phoned my mum again. She ignored his call. So I called him back with a stern warning. Told him if he made contact with my family again the police would become involved. He then backed off for a while. This is when I contacted the RMP and association and no one had ever heard of him. Then I saw him posting in a forum asking where he could buy medals and uniform. Specifically a red beret and badge. I stepped in and said dont answer this question as he is a walt and has never served. He then went mad at me in the forum. Deleted his comment and backed off.

On his facebook profile the next day he called my charity fake saying he would expose us as thieves. I called him and said by all means report us to the charity commission and ask for an investigation into our funding. We can receipt down to the last penny so not a problem. It is avaliable for all to see. But do not put posts up about the charity being fake unless you have some kind of proof. He said stop looking at my facebook you little cunt I am blocking you.

He did block me. So I logged into facebook with my wifes profile and had a look at Keiths. He used to have his profile wide open. I could see he had not taken it down so I called him again. This time saying your message amounts to slander and I shall seek compensation through the courts. At that point he deleted it. I have attached the picture for you to see. I always screen cap when we have people like this.

Since I threatened him with the police and solicitors etc we heard no more from him. I told him his constant phone calls and texts to my mum was harrassement and he would be dealt with by the authorities. I just called my mum and told her what has happened to you and she said please add her as a friend and she will explain more to you. She said she may have the texts he sent her being rude. Her name is Erica Fenn. I will send you a link to her profile in a minute.

I am more than happy to speak to anyone you want to help you bring this nasty piece of work down. So is mum.


Nasty Keith

//////////////////////////////////////// updated 17th November 2013 ///////////////////////////////////////

Well, well up to his old tricks again, different cap badge, more medals, same sad person ... still collecting for RBL



Comments from facebook, 16/17 November 2013 apparantly he works for Midland Heart now

From a "Veterans Charity" I won't elaborate on message content but he attempted to get support from us some time ago. Needless to say, he didn't get very far and panicked when asked to prove his service. A few abusive and pathetic messages later, he disappeared and blocked us.

From Tracey
Ah it's Walt. He was stalking a friend for months and made her very ill. He's now reappeared at poppy collection and has upset another friend who has reported him to the highest RBL members ... My friend is disabled and he was disgusting. She rang my partner in the end to try and sort it out. He bleats PTSD and that's vile as it's not genuine.

From Debbie
He told a lady with a very poorly husband, that he deserves nothing from the RBL as he was only TA, unlike him who has served.

From Glyn
And earlier this week (10/17 Nov) he accused a woman of stealing from the collecting tins... he seems to like attacking women as much as he likes inventing different regiments for his CV.

From Gordon
He was a TA bandsman in the PWRR for a short while but bloats and lies about his service and PTSD he never did any tours, all this was verified by people he served with or knew him, very dangerous when it comes to threatening women he tries to dupe! There must be a lot of lassies on here that have had hassle off him surely many complaints carry more weight let alone the rest of the stuff that's out there about him

[[[ Was this taken at This was taken last year at Armed Forces Day at Hagley Hall in the West Midlands and he got presented with a veterans badge ]]]



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