John Charles Rogers


[ 2 Para ]

Known to his friends as (JR) ... John served with 2 Para.

No-one ever said life was meant to be easy – and you won’t find John Rogers disputing that. On his own admission, he has known “trouble” – as both perpetrator and victim - almost from the day he was born.

He never knew his dad and, sadly, he saw precious little of his mum. Shunted from home to home and institution to institution, coming under the scrutiny of countless “experts” in the process, it was no surprise that his journey through childhood and teens was turbulent ... read more ... A Fighter All the Way [Kindle Edition] 10p from every sale goes to Help 4 Heroes.

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John Rogers


RJ with Jackson

John with General Sir Michael David "Mike" Jackson

The picture with Mike Jackson was a charity boxing event at Hereford 2009. He was dad’s CO when he was serving.

early years ...

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enjoying the sun ...

JR's passing

Sadly John passed away after a long battle with prostate cancer in 2013

This was John's day ... a day to remember a fine man, loved and respected by all who met him


Nothing in my dad’s life was easy. Being placed in a borstal in North London as a teenager following a childhood in homes in Kent, he was all alone in the world.
He inevitably got on the wrong side of the law but joined up with the British Army as a 2 Para and found the family he had never had, the army sorted him out.

He was a true fighter and his strong character made my brothers and I what we are today, I will always miss him.

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