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Our Chairman is Julian Thomas, who served in Malaya, Cyprus and Africa
The Treasurer is Steve Flynn who served in Northern Ireland and the Falklands
The Secretary is Bryan Hunter who served in Cyprus and Suez

The branch has around about 40 members which now can be split into three groups, the WW2 veterans who are mostly to old to attend meetings

The retired group who are still fit and are supporters and turn out for our functions

The other group are those who have are still fairly young and are working and who are expected to spend what little spare time they have with their families.

Our local association gets involved into many things like trips to the war graves in Europe and many of the local events that help promote the PRA the local veterans and the town. To that effect members of the PRA have been award the Bowskill award by the town.

We also give talks to local schools and colleges were we take a range of kit including parachutes, rifles and Bren guns to name but a few. We also carry out collections in shopping centres and local supermarkets and on our best day we picked up £1.700.00.

We also have good support from the families of past and present members, who all enjoy our newsletter which is so well done by our Chairman.

Armed Forces day Hastings Sunday 26th June 2016

Armed Forces day Hastings Sunday 26th June.

Julian Thomas

Armed Forces day -

Hastings PRA marched with the Hastings standard in the parade Sunday morning 26th June Alexandra Park Hastings.

A great day with a few hundred people attending.

Why not join the Branch ?


Bryan William Hunter (Centre), Julian Thomas (Right) and stand assistant Sharron at the Armed Forces day Hastings

Want to join Hastings PRA ... well it's FREE ... that's right no-subscribtions ... all are welcome.

2nd Wednesday of the month at 19.30 hrs

Casual wear for branch meetings ... free parking

Just look at that tent and all the Airborne gear on display, spreading the word

Well done Hastings Branch


Please contact Secretary Bryan Hunter for further information
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Read the latest Newsletter May 2016 ... here PDF File
Newsletter June 2016 ... here PDF File ...



Legion d’Honneur for Bexhill war veteran

A D-Day veteran from Bexhill has been presented with France’s highest military honour for his services in the Second World War.

George Frost, 90, of Sutherland Avenue, received the Legion d’Honneur, at the Little Common branch of the Royal British Legion on Saturday (4th June 2016). He was given the medal by Captain Francoise Jean, Consul Honoraire de France, at a special luncheon ceremony, attended by family, friends and fellow veterans. George said: “I was very pleased and honoured to receive the medal. But we must remember a lot of people who served in the war didn’t return home. I lost a lot of friends as well, who I served with.” The presentation was the latest in a number of ceremonies around the UK after French president, Francois Hollande pledged to honour all the surviving British veterans who had served in France. George was born in Tottenham, and brought up in Wales where he left school at the age of 13 and went straight to work in the coal mines.

He was called up in 1944, aged 18, and joined the 8th (Midlands) Parachute Battalion. In no time he found himself sitting in one of hundreds of aircraft heading for France and into action.

George Frost

The 8th Parachute Battalion fought in Operation Tonga, the British airborne landings in France on D-Day, the Normandy Campaign, and the break out to the River Seine in August 1944.

The battalion returned to the UK in September that year but headed back to mainland Europe following the German winter offensive known as the Battle of the Bulge. This was launched through the densely forested Ardennes region of Wallonia in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg on the western front towards the end of the war. The surprise attack caught the Allied forces completely off guard. The 8th Parachute Battalion’s final mission during the war was the River Rhine crossing in March 1945, followed by the advance to the Baltic. George’s final tour of duty was in Palestine in 1947 where his battalion was sent with the 6th Airborne Division.

He moved to Bexhill in 1980.