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Andy Griffiths | The Brothers Griff | Terry Butler | 4 Coy, Battle Challenge Trophy winners ... and others


Andy Griffiths has sent these photos of his time with 10 Para.

Some of the Jnr NCO instructors at St Martinís plain camp, I think either 80/81?
Back row from left to right as best I can remember. 

Steve Yates sig, Hamish Graham spt coy? Bill Collison, Terry Butler 10plt 4coy, Norman Smith spt coy?

Front row.
Tony Imossi 11plt 4coy, Paul Biddle, Bill Castle, Andy Griffiths 10plt 4coy.(thatís me) 




The Brothers Griff

This was taken for Pegasus Journal the morning after the night shoot at the skill at arms meet from the left is Robert, Alan and me Andy Griffiths all 10 plt 4coy.

Rob had recently completed his P coy and was waiting for his Para course.






Terry Butler 4 Coy at St Martinís plain ...



4 Coy, Battle Challenge Trophy winners.

I remember all the faces but not all the names, but the back row left to right
First two is the Mcíardle broís John & Brian? 11plt, then? then Steve Louch 10plt, then?, then Alan Griffiths,Dave Mason 10plt (now my brother in law) I donít recall then up to third from right Mick Quinlan and far right possibly Sgt Stichcombe?

Front Left
Cpt Beatty? Six in is Terry Butler 10plt, tenth in is Maj Cassanove, then myself, and my brother Rob. Is that Pat Sands on the end?

I think the Trophyís are Battle Challenge (march and shoot in the centre)
Individual shot and Individual champion soldier, which I was fortunate enough to win (and still have) Its been proper good trip down memory lane posting these I hope you find them interesting, I have a few more of varying quality I can dig out and will pleased to send you. All of these pics have been around the world twice and have been battered on the way, but in true Airborne style have managed to survive.