Desert Rise Arnhem Descent


I’m an ex-airborne medic and I’ve been working as part of a small team on a book on the 10th Battalion in WW2 for a while…..The book called Desert Rise Arnhem Descent

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                          The 10th Parachute Battalion in the Second World War
by Martin Peters and Niall Cherry with John Howes & Graham Francis

296 Pages with approx 120 colour and black and white photographs, various documents, coloured maps and aerial photographs.
Limited edition of 400 copies and each copy numbered.

Desert Rise - Arnhem Descent covers the story of the 10th Parachute Battalion
during its short life in the Second World War, from the formation of the unit in
the Western Desert in 1942, their actions in Italy and extensive coverage of their
ill-fated battle at Arnhem in September 1944.

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