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Andy Selfe

I don't know if you remember any of these names/faces. I actually was the O/cdt along with Cpl Graham Sheeley (who left to become a Helicopterpilot in the RAF who first started 6Pl at Blackheath, and that would have been in '75 or early 76, because I left UK to come back to SA in April 76. This Orbat would have been about the time of Annual Camp, I think:



11th Special Forces Group

Non-stop! And I wangled an 'exchange' to train with 11th Special Forces Group (Abn) in '75

The Army Reserve's 11th Special Forces Group (Airborne) was attached to the 97th Army Reserve Command at Fort Meade.
For a number of years in the late 60's, Miller Field was home to the headquarters of the Army's 11th Special Forces Group.