Amanda Tiernan ... 5th July 1966 - 27th April 2015
at her best, being part of our gang

Amanda is a Para Brat through and through (Dave Smart)

The Mummy side of Amanda, one of Amanda's last post on Facebook ...

Amanda Tiernan
9 April 2015 at 13:27

Haha I had no idea making Jess a cheese toastie (without asking if she wanted one) would have me declared "the best mummy in the world" yeah right for 2 minutes maybe — feeling amused. [ And she was, the best mummy in the world]

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Amanda passed away 27th April 2015 ... her funeral was on Wednesday 13th May at 12:15, in the sacred heart Catholic Church, Beresford Road, Goudhurst, Kent, TN17 1DN, a burial will take place after the service at 1 pm followed by a celebration of life. ALL that knew and loved my mum are welcome ... map it.

If you want to pay your respects:-
St Mary's Church, Back Lane, Goudhurst, Kent TN17 1BL ... Look for the new part of the cemetery, Back Lane entrance next to Childrens Play School ... through the gate walk down to the bottom and Amanda's rest place in on the right. RIP Amanda

A day of sorrow, a day of pride
Christine McWilliams McGrady‎ ... A beautiful send of for a beautiful cousin, read more comments of Amanda's Day,

A Celebration of the life of Amanda Tiernan

From Amanda's Daughter Victoria Lucy Tiernan

I just wanted to let everyone know that our family has arranged flowers for my mum but, we know that she'd love donations to be made to the Royal British Legion in her honour, thank you! X




From Kelly Tiernan‎

This is so something you would say, tell us all to pull ourselves together & get on with it. It's too hard to do without you pushing us along. Could really do with some of your straight talking advice right now.

Sleep tight Princess Tiernan xx xx




Just some of many comments for Amanda our friend ...



Above ... Amanda and her Dad on the "10 Miler" in Adershot 2014 ...

From Grace Hunter

So sad and shocked to hear of the passing of a beautiful ,loving and inspirational young lady Amanda Tiernan ,who was not just a friend to our troops but also our Veterans, if there was a funeral to attend where there were no family for that Vet Amanda would be the first one to post and share to get as many people as she could to attend, she was also one of the many people who stood with the mourners at Wootton Bassett on many occasions and you were sure to bump into her at the many Parades, so god you have not just gained an Angel you have gained a great Warrior with a mighty big heart and spirit , so please look after her for us as she is going to be so missed here. My deepest sympathy and prayers goes to her Dad she was a daughter to be proud of a Para's Daughter through and through and to her young family to whom she was a fantastic Mum, sleep tight my friend you will always be here in our hearts and thoughts

Geoff Butler

So sorry to hear this bad news I have met Amanda at so many funerals and Para functions over the years I am gutted. Lots of love to all the family at this sad time

Gordon Duncan

Sweet dreams until you reach Valhalla, Amanda ~such a shock to hear just now of your passing. Thank you for the banter & the love you shared. My thoughts are with Your Loved Ones, and all Your Extended Family AB. We have all been blessed to have known you.
Much Love... G/man xx

Mand Jayne Graves

Can’t believe your gone my southern bird , god only takes the best and he has you where amazing woman Mandy a wonderful mam and the best friend to so many people you where loved so dearly I looked up to you and you were always there to talk to and to kick my ass into shape I’m so blessed to have had you in my life even if it was just a year after hearing so much about you from being a little girl we finally meet and became friends thank you for being you and thank you for always having faith in me going to miss our phone calls and your cheek lol it was a honour to have known you Amanda Tiernan now you’re in zigs hands he will look after you till we meet again Mandy love ya old bird.

Debra Milburn, Eric Holmes.

We are absolutely devastated.  R.I.P Lovely Lady we will miss you so much. xx

With Debra Sampson Milburn, Amanda Tiernan and Eric Holmes.

Above ... With Debra Sampson Milburn, Amanda Tiernan and Eric Holmes.

Joe Davidson

R.I.P to one of the scariest/ballsy lasses I've ever met. When I heard my thoughts turned to the drinks we all had for Zig, how we'd not seen or heard from one another for 15 plus years, yet those 15 years may as will’ve been 15 mins to you. Top lass, top banter, going to be missed.

Kenneth Bowles

So shocked to hear about Amanda, will miss her on social media as will all the forces. Heaven has another Angel today who will watch over all her friends and family. So, so sorry for the family god bless you all.

June Emily Morgan

I'm so shocked and saddened to learn of your passing Amanda my dear friend I still can't believe it I'd like to pass on my condolences to your family and friends Rest in peace lovely lady God bless you I'll miss you XX.

Friendship ......

Like music heard on the waters,
Like pines when the wind passeth by,
Like pearls in the depths of the ocean,
Like stars that enamel the sky,
Like June and the odor of roses,
Like dew and the freshness of morn,
Like sunshine that Kisseth the clover,
Like tassels of silk on the corn,
Like mountains that arch the blue heavens,
Like clouds when the sun dippeth low,
Like songs of birds in the forest,
Like brooks where the sweet waters flow,
Like dreams of Arcadian pleasures,
Like colors that gratefully blend,
Like everything breathing of Kindness. .....
Like these is the love of a Friend.

Michael Bruce McIntyre

I heard today that you had passed away my dear friend so sorry we didn't speak before - Bless you and be at everlasting peace my dear Girl Love you RIP

Bettina Faull

I'm shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Amanda Tiernan, she was so kind and supportive when I lost my dad earlier this year, such a lovely lady. Condolences to her family xxx

Trevor Whitaker GH

R.I.P Amanda your support for our airborne brothers will never be forgotten, god bless you and keep you safe in his light and warmth hunni, my condolences to your family and friends

Caroline Wilson

So shocked to hear this last night Met Mandy at the Downing Street March and we ended up marching together. Thinking of the family and sending much love. No words. RIP

Amanda / her Dad / Dave Smart / Caroline Wilson

Above July 2014 in London, behind her, her Dad, and Dave Smart ... lady in blue top Caroline Wilson

Tom McMillan
Never knew you but RIP Amanda on behalf of all veterans thanks for your support over the years sleep easy

Sam White

Oh Ms Tiernan... I hope you can see how loved you are...
My world is a sadder place without you and I feel a piece of my life has been lost. I will miss you forever and will cherish all of the amazing memories I have of you. Rest in peace my gorgeous friend - I promise to always keep your spirit alive.
All our love
Sam, Boo, Joshy and Bruno xxx

Ann Lewis‎

To your children, you’re Pa, your extended family and all of your friends. Amanda, dear Amanda taken far too soon, I send my love, my thoughts and my deepest heartfelt sympathies. May time and the love of everyone around you ease the coming days and nights ahead?

God bless xx

Melanie Davies
I am so sorry to hear of Mandy's passing. I met her whilst my son served with the Paras. RIP dear lady may your Pa always be proud of who you were x

Kelly Tiernan
This is so something you would say, tell us all to pull ourselves together & get on with it. It's too hard to do without you pushing us along. Could really do with some of your straight talking advice right now. Sleep tight Princess Tiernan xx xx

Kelly message

Kelly's Message to Amanda .........

Never far from her Dad

Never far from her Dad .............

Kerry Dunning‎

So sorry to hear about Amanda, deepest sympathy to all her Family. She knew my Dad, that's how I knew her. Her love and support for the Parachute Regiment was amazing. Rest in peace and party with the paras in heaven.

Kerry Gardner‎

Rest in Peace Amanda. My thoughts are with your children and your dad. I can't believe you've gone, so shocked and sad.

If tears could build a stairwell and memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken no time to say good-bye .
You were gone before I knew it, and only God knows why.
My heart still aches in sadness, and secret tears still flow.
What it means to lose you, no one will ever know.



Amanda July 2014 in London doing what she does best,
being beside and supporting her beloved Para's


Amanda's dog ... she called him "Reg" after her Airborne soldiers.

Chippie Howlett‎

What a colossal lady, and one of the most clued in girls that ive ever met. You will be sadly missed x

Peter Howe

I can't believe this. So so sad and shocked. Having lost touch for so many years it was great to meet up again last year. Love and sympathy to all your family. X X X

Gemma Carly Bailey‎

Just heard a Micheal Jackson song and reminded me of you when we were all young dancing in your front room to it. xxxxxx

John Bleakley

My family here in Bangor, are shocked by the news, were hoping to meet Mandy and Jessica this summer as she said she was coming back over again, all their thoughts our with you all at this sad time.

Ron Matthews

Absolutely tragic-RIP Amanda. Our thoughts are with you Pat and all the family.

Norman McKay

I'll be honoured to attend your Mother's funeral Victoria, Amanda was a great lady and a true friend.


Some of Amanda's men

Some of Amanda's men ... December 2009 ... Facebook link


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