Mike Neville’s Masonic Walking Tours
A City with Secrets – London

The Birthplace of Modern Freemasonry & Its Myths ...


Contact – WBro Mike Neville mrmikeneville@aol.com  or 07748 111855
Mike's book "Sacred Secrets" is out on 12th June 2012. He can give lectures on this in lodges / chapters - cost is a donation to a charity of his choice.
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Delve into the history of Freemasonry, its origins & its famous members. The Tour includes visits to:
• Worshipful Company of Masons - links to Freemasons & the Royal Society
• The Old Bailey - Masons & Murder.....
• The site of the original Grand Lodge (& a pub that is still very much like it...)
• The Temple Church - the site of Knights Templar initiation ceremonies
• The home of the Mason responsible for promoting the Mark, KT & Chapter....
• The home of the first man to publish a Masonic book in the Americas
• The site of the original four lodges in Grand Lodge
• Cleopatra's Needle - the Egyptian links to our ritual...............
• Rudyard Kipling's home to discuss his impact on Masonry
• Scotland Yard - the original & its links to Freemasonry & Jack The Ripper…
• Trafalgar Square & its Masonic links
• Masonic actors
• And more.................and a bite to eat & a beer (or two)……
Cost £7.50 per person – friends, family, ladies, children & potential Masons welcome. 
The walk is about four miles - wear comfortable shoes! Lunch can be arranged approx. £10 each.


The Temple Church


 Grand Lodge 1717


 Masonic Poisoner


 The Masonic Judge



The NEW Westminster Tour includes:
• The site of the Antients Grand Lodge formed in 1751
• The home of the first man to publish a Masonic book in the Americas
• Rudyard Kipling's home & his impact on Masonry
• Scotland Yard – What are the Masonic links to Jack The Ripper…?
• Trafalgar Square…. or is it the Masonic Square?
• Freemasons, Royalty & Westminster Abbey
• Parliament, Prime Ministers & Freemasonry – was Cromwell a Mason?

[ Brother Cromwell ? ]


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